I'm going to update the status of hobby; like Tennis Violin & Golf, how I spend time & money.  I wish it would help everyone who are doing like me.  I just update it for the purpose of my personal diary though.

2019/7/30 (Tuesday)

It's been for a long time not to update my status, because of my rudeness. I would try to resume to keep diary so as to keep trying to do something I can be growth.

Anyway, regarding violin, I completed "Shinozaki Violine text No.4", and started Suzuki method No.5, and Sevcik.

I'm not doing anything about golf, because of my interest being reduced.

I joined MAT tennis academy to brush up my tennis skill, especially stroke technic, empowering serve.



I changed the bowing grip for the violin last Sunday, and it worked very well for making strong sound without extra right hand power.  That will make me pass next etude, as it would be theme to me. 


During last weekend, I had sore throat, and needed to stay at home for the sake of quick release from the pain.  Due to this counter action, I could come to the office for my work.  I also had enough time to play the violin for next theme, which are Kaiser No. 18 and "Variation of Home sweet home".  At least, I would like to pass Kaiser No.18, as I played it for a long time, and I deeply understand how to play it well.  Next lesson will be Feb. 2nd.



I passed "Violin Concerto A-mol", Vivaldi, and Kaiser No.17 yesterday. It's been for 2 months to pass Vivaldi, but Kaiser No.17 was just one time to test and passed.  I was so glad to get the result, as my teacher rarely says "OK".     



Crescent moon shined in the east, the edges of the east side was gradually yellowed, but still waiting for sun rise.   Took a walk for 15 minutes in the -3 degree C condition, no wind blow.  KAISER No.17 which is for slur practice, very smooth and soft sounds required to pass this practice.  Next class planned on next Thursday, 2 days more.



Woke up at 5:30am and Took a walk for 15 minutes.  0 C degree with strong wind blow.  Not strong, but soft pain caused at right shoulder, and waist.  Planed to allocate my time for leg and shoulder stretch exercise.     


Woke up at 5:35am though I slept at 9pm, like child. Walked at 5:40-6:05am.  A lot of shining starts welcomed me, like a fabulous stage.  As it was so cold, I concentrated on my posture to be ridged.

Played violin at 7:25-8:00am with 112 tempo.  During lunch time, I played the violin again for 15 minutes and quit, due to cold.(Could not move my fingers smoothly.)   Trained my eyes with "fast reading site".


Walking at 5:20-5:50am. There were a lot of winkle stars in the sky, and no sun shine in the east,  -1degree celsius.  To be conscious while walking: Posture、Leg extension, Line of sight.  

Played violin at 7:20am-8:00am, Violin Concerto G-mol, tempo: Allegrette (96-120)  Challenge: Bowing at short 6 degree passage.  Started writing Russian Cyrillic alphabet【33words)







Birthday: March 6th
Nationality: Japan


Hobby: Tennis, Violin(resumed in 2013)

Golf(resumed in 2016)